• Photo: Madagasikara Voakajy

    Getting Started with Mangabe’s Youth for Lemurs Initiative


    Tapping into young people’s energy is key to shifting from conflict to coexistence, according to Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka.

  • Reef Manta Ray Ventral Shot Photo: Guy Stevens

    Fighting illegal trade in manta rays in the ‘backdoor of the Philippines'


    Conserving mantas and ‘flying rays’ on the conflict-ridden islands of Tawi Tawi is best done with the help of the locals, writes Isabel Ender of the Manta Trust, an SOS grantee.

  • Photo: Eleanor Briggs

    Ten years of Birds’ Nest Protection in Cambodia


    SOS is delighted to share project activities, challenges and successes to date of the Birds’ Nest protection programme. Project team leader, Simon Mahood, Technical Advisor with the IUCN member Wildlife Conservation Society’s Cambodia Programme (WCS),...

  • Okapi Photo: WCS, ZSL

    Getting SMART about tackling wildlife crime on the frontline.


    With illegal wildlife trade being a core issue of the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016, the role and value of SMART conservation software is pertinent. Marking World Wildlife Day March 3 2016, we travel to the Okapi Faunal Reserve in Democratic...

  • Dried Seahorses Photo: Project Seahorse

    The seahorse opens the path to sustainable trade in aquatic species


    Having laws to conserve nature and knowing how to use them are two different things – if done well, seahorse conservation in the Philippines could pave the way for other species, writes Dr. Amanda Vincent on World Wildlife Day.  

  • Mpanga falls, Uganda Photo: PROTOS

    Important progress on cycad conservation in Mpanga Falls, Uganda


    The project team working to save the Critically Endangered endemic cycad (Encephalartos whitelockii) has reported on two more important developments in their work in the Mpanga Falls region of Western Uganda.  

  • Giri Putri cave crabs Photo: Tony Whitten

    I caught crabs in Bali - but I don’t want to lose them


    Marking the launch of the first SOS invertebrate conservation project, grantee Dr Tony Whitten, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), an IUCN Member, explains how he came to discover a new species just as it teetered on the edge of extinction. 

  • Sunda Pangolin Photo: Dan Challender

    New hope for Thailand’s Sunda pangolins


    Marking World Pangolin Day 2016, SOS is delighted to share news that its Fondation Segré Pangolin Conservation Initiative has recorded the first known footage of a wild Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica) in Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Thailand...

  • wilderbeest_and_zebra_masai_mara.jpg Photo: IUCN

    IUCN Welcomes 26 new Members


    The IUCN Council has admitted 26 new Members to IUCN.

  • Azraq wetlands reserve Photo: IUCN WAME

    World Wetlands Day: Wetlands & Sustainable Livelihoods


    Each year, 2 February marks World Wetlands Day, to celebrate our planet’s wetlands but also to draw attention to the challenges that their degradation brings.


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