Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

CEESP generates and disseminates knowledge, mobilizes influence, and promotes actions to harmonize the  conservation of nature with the critical social, cultural, environmental, and economic justice concerns of human societies


How we engage

The Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP) contributes to the IUCN's Mission by generating and disseminating knowledge, mobilising influence, and promoting actions to harmonise the conservation of nature with the critical social, cultural, environmental, and economic justice concerns of human societies.



  • At the festivities in central Mexico it is common for rural communities to use masks, decorations and costumes depicting the jaguar Photo: Angel Daen Morales Garcia

    Jaguars and Culture: Public Policies for Integrated Conservation in Mexico


    CEESP News - Angel Daen Morales Garcia and Jonatan Job Morales Garcia In collaboration with the Federal Congresswoman Erika Aracelia Rodriguez Hernandez, and as part of the Biofutura A.C conservation strategies for the jaguar, a proposal was...

  • Photo: A’al Syafrizaldi/FFI

    Biodiversity conservation initiatives have unfulfilled potential to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals


    CEESP News - by Dr. Helen Schneider, Flora and Fauna International The University of Cambridge has launched an online tool to help conservationists identify how biodiversity projects can contribute to the SDG targets. The tool draws on the experiences of...

  • Green Crime in Mexico Photo: Ines Arroyo

    Green Crime in Mexico


    CEESP News - by Dr. Ines Arroyo-Quiroz and Tanya Wyatt Green Crime in Mexico: A Collection of Case Studies (2018) offers a unique exploration of the key green criminological issues in Mexico. Builds on a rapidly growing area of scholarship in Latin...

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CCL Conference photos Photo: Sean Southey


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