West and Central Africa

Created after the regionalization and decentralization process initiated by the IUCN Secretariat in 2006, the PACO region was born from the merger of Central Africa and West Africa programs.


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  • two gorillas on forest floor Photo: Dominique Bikaba / Strong Roots Congo

    The strongest roots are in primary forests: An interview and a mission


    They store unrivalled amounts of carbon. They provide the necessities of life to more species than anywhere else on land. They replenish the air, furnish water and enrich the soil. They aren’t just forests – they are primary forests including intact forest...

  • two women sitting by fires stirring nuts in pans Photo: Mengina Gilli

    Decisions have consequences: Contrasting stories of shea butter & community conservation in Ghana


    At first glance, they seem identical – Two neighbouring communities, Murugu and Kaden, bordering Mole National Park in Ghana. Both are surrounded by savannah with scattered trees in farmed and fallow lands, where women collect shea nuts. It is the shea nuts,...

  • l'heureux lauréat avec les Représentants de l'UICN et de l'ASDI Photo: Clément Bihoun

    Abdoukarim Sawadogo primé à Stockholm


    Le concours « eau et environnement » organisé par l’UICN et le GWP a connu son épilogue ce mercredi 29 août 2018 avec la remise du prix au lauréat à Stockholm, pendant la tenue de la semaine mondiale de l’eau. Cette remise de prix s’est faite en...

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